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Wargames and Miniatures

Miniature wargaming is a popular hobby that uses tiny physical models to act out battles. There are many variations, some more well-known than others. Typically, the models have to be assembled and painted before the gaming can begin. This is actually considered an essential aspect of the game, ensuring that correct colours are used. The models can be of artillery, soldiers and vehicles.

Keno mini wargame


Warhammer was first released in 1983 and is undoubtedly the most well known of the miniature wargames. The British company Games Workshop was responsible for its creation. It had previously been known for providing models for the Dungeons and Dragons game. Warhammer has a playing field that comprises of buildings, hills and trees, and players take turns to move their soldiers across the landscape.

Other Wargames

Beyond the immense popularity of Warhammer, there are other lesser-known games which are equally as absorbing. For those on a smaller budget, Malifaux is worth considering, as it only requires a small army to participate. However, the models are tiny and difficult to assemble. Guild Ball is an unusual alternative as it combines football with a fantasy steampunk world. The characters are quite unique, and the playing field adds to the otherworldly ambience.

Other games to look at include Star Wars: Legion, A Song of Ice and Fire, Gaslands: Refuelled, Infinity and Dreadball. With battles lasting up to three hours, it is a great form of entertainment.