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How to Start Mini Wargaming


Mini wargaming is a fun but time-consuming and high commitment pastime. If you’re confused about where to start, don’t worry, you’re in good company. 

The good news is that it’s not as complicated to dive into as it might seem at first. However, the bad news is that it is a large, expensive commitment, especially depending on what tabletop wargame you plan to get started with.

Before you start putting your army together, your first purchase should be the rulebook. Read the rules and make sure you understand the game in its entirety. 

Do you really want to sink hundreds of dollars into incredible looking armies only to realize you hate the way you have to use them? Do yourself a huge favour and understand the gameplay and rules of the wargame you’re playing. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to look at the armies.

Most wargames will have various units and soldiers to choose from and put together to build your unique army. 

Once you know the functions and playstyle of each faction from reading the rules, you can then decide which one sounds the most fun to you. However, style of play isn’t the only factor in choosing your army.

Aesthetic, lore, and viability all play a part in what your army will consist of. These things matter to individual players on varying levels, but you should be certain that the faction you choose satisfies these for you to some degree.

Don’t choose an army with a colour scheme you can’t stand to paint or even look at. Don’t pick the monsters that look cool but will never be used because they’re by far the weakest faction. 

And if it’s important to you, please don’t pick a cool army that you hate the story of.

Is It Worth It?

Like with most things, it will depend on who you ask. Tabletop wargaming can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies in the world to some people and a money-eating snore to others.

It hinges on whether you have some disposable time and income to put towards such an ambitious hobby and whether this type of game would suit your interest. Another factor is whether you have access to other people that you can play it with.

Believe it or not, but most wargames aren’t that engaging as solitary activities. And it’s okay if mini wargaming isn’t for you. You could also try online games of chance which you can learn more about at CasinoHawks.

It’s an investment, it’s a lot of work, and it’s an intense pastime, but it can be an absolute blast.